• Mike Plant

Changes to Church Covid Procedures from 25th July 2021

Dear Friends,


Rather sadly the ‘Freedom Day’ on 19th July, which was meant to signal a return to normality, arrived alongside rising rates of Covid infection. This has meant that, because we

have a duty of care to all who attend our chapel, we as Church Officers feel we must proceed

cautiously in implementing the new potential for freedom. We want to make some advances

but also to reassure people that we are being careful, cautious and seeking God’s wisdom as

we go along. This letter seeks to outline what will be the situation if you come to the chapel

on Sunday and also to pick up on one or two other matters which you may have questions

about. We are committed to keep the whole issue under constant review and will update

you of any additional changes.

1. To mask or not to mask? When you come to the entrance to the church do you put

on a mask or not? We are no longer requiring the wearing of a mask but we would

request that unless you cannot wear a mask for medical/psychological reasons you do

continue to wear a mask Sunday by Sunday. If you are not wearing a mask we would

be grateful if you sit towards the front of the church where you are less likely to affect


2. Sanitising We will continue to provide hand sanitizers and would be grateful if you use

them when entering and leaving the building. Again we request not require.

3. The QR Code If you do use the NHS app we will still have the QR Code available for

you to use.

4. We will continue to note who attends the church Sunday by Sunday This serves the

safety of all who attend and means that if we have visitors we will request their

contact details.

5. We will be making minor adjustments regarding social distancing in church This will

enable a few more people to sit downstairs However for the time being some of the

pews will continue to be roped off.

6. What’s happening about singing? We will continue to use downloaded hymns and

provide a disposable order of service. However, we would wish people to feel free to

sing along – in a restrained way – whilst wearing masks so please do so. We long for

the day when we can all do this far more freely but believe it to be appropriate to

make this change now.

7. We will be removing the screens from the front of the church This is safe to do

because people will remain safely distanced from whoever leads the service or if

someone is leading the singing.

8. Exit arrangements will remain as they are at present at least for the next few weeks

So please remain in your seats following the service until you are directed how to

leave the church.

9. Communion Arrangements We will be continuing with our present arrangements for

the time being.

10. Midweek Meeting The Bible Study and Prayer Meeting will continue as it is each

Tuesday evening. The notes and audio will be available and there will be a Zoom

Prayer Meeting at 8.00pm.

11.After-Service Refreshments These, and the opportunity for fellowship they afford,

have been much missed and we intend to resume these on 8th August. We entirely

understand that not everyone will feel able to stay but believe this is an important

step forward.

If there is anything you are unclear about please feel free to contact us so we can consider it

in due course. We do welcome your feedback and help in what is a difficult and sometimes

frustrating situation for us all.

Yours in the Lord,

Mike Plant (on behalf of the Church Officers)

21st July 2021

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