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  • Mike Plant

Is our world a designer world?

Christianity is a religion that has been thriving for 20 Centuries. Partly because it is

based on documents which date back to the 1st Century of the Common Era (or AD) and

way before that many people have come to believe Christianity is outmoded and cannot be

taken seriously because it hasn’t kept pace with modern knowledge.

One very effective advocate of this viewpoint has been Richard Dawkins (author of ‘The

God Delusion’) and he takes the view that evolutionary science disproves what the Bible

teaches about the origins of life and that Christian faith should therefore be abandoned.

In his view time and chance and evolutionary mechanisms account for the reality around us.

He is passionate that this belief can be satisfying both intellectually and spiritually. He

is very highly qualified so we need to consider seriously whether Christianity is now

completely unrealistic as a faith which we can realistically hold and advocate.

Surprisingly the answer that Christians can make to what he says is that his own view

of life is not scientifically and logically viable. Richard Dawkins’ view is that time and

chance and the evolutionary process accounts for the world around us. However if on

examination the world around us turns out to be clearly intricately and beautifully

designed then rather than being the result of blind chance the likelihood is that it is the

result of being brought into existence by a vastly intelligent designer. While this

wouldn’t prove the intelligent designer is the God of the Bible it would mean that the

existence and activity of the God of the Bible fits in with what is found when we examine

the evidence. You have an opportunity to meet with us and do exactly that.

On Saturday 16th October from 5.00 – 7.00pm Honiton Evangelical

Congregational Church is hosting a meeting at which Professor Stuart

Burgess – Professor of Engineering Design at Bristol University will be

speaking on this subject. Join us for tea at 5.00pm – Stuart Burgess

will speak at about 6.00pm and after open questions we expect the

meeting to finish at 7.30pm.


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