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30th September 2020

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29th September 2020

We continue to remember our group and look forward to when we will be able to start again. In the meantime, we hope that those children from us who have started school for the first time will be well settled in.

In these uncertain times, we know we can trust in God. This song is quite helpful to remember:

"Father, I place into your hands my friends and family.

  Father, I place into your hands the things that trouble me.

  Father, I place into your hands the person I would be.

  For I know I always can trust you."

We will be adding more things to this page, so please check back soon.

5th June 2020


We asked the families in our Messenger group for Toddlers to let us know what they have decided to do about the return to school for Reception children (some of whom left us last year and have siblings who still attend the group ).


Looking at all the replies we had it is a 50/50 split-  half will stay, home half go into school.


We realise it will have been difficult for many of the parents making choices like these and we know that they are always concerned to do the best for their children and families.

We are interested to see how the schools get established again and if all goes to plan there. However, because we recognise that families are not able to mix for the foreseeable future we are not planning to restart Toddlers before September-  but aim to keep in touch with all those who attend.

On behalf of the Toddler team

Margaret Plant

11th April 2020 - A video of one of the Easter songs that the toddler sing.

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