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Worshipping together and keeping safe

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Please read carefully the information below and be prayerful and seek God’s wisdom as you consider returning to the church services:

1. The advice of the government has been for those over the age of 70 not to attend the services. It is advice not law but we would want everyone to think seriously about this and not to feel that they are under any pressure because others expect them to attend. We want everyone to make wise and prayerful decisions.

2. The car park will be open and appropriate SOCIAL DISTANCING (2 metres) is expected in the car park and on the paths around the church as well as in the chapel. The paths and the chapel have been marked out to assist social distancing. We are using 2 metres rather than 1 meter plus as being a wise safeguard.

3. TO ENTER THE CHAPEL Go to the front entrance and enter through the main doors. You will be greeted and directed to take a service sheet which you should take home with you (church bibles and hymn-books will not be available). If you are new to the church please sign in to enable track and trace measures. Alternatively, you may use the QR code on the poster in the entrance. You are encouraged to bring your own Bible but if we are to read together the appropriate scriptures will be on the service sheet. The church Bible is the English Standard Version.

4. HAND SANITIZERS will be provided for use entering and leaving the chapel and will be in the foyer as you enter the chapel and on the offertory boxes at the beginning of the aisle as you enter the worship area. Please use these.

5. We would expect those attending to bring their own FACE COVERINGS (non-surgical masks) if they wish/need to wear one but we have a small supply that can be made available in case of need of need.

6. NOT EVERYONE IS PHYSICALLY ABLE TO ENTER THE CHAPEL USING THE CHAPEL STEPS. If you cannot, please enter through the prayer-room door – round to the right of the main doors. Again please use the HAND SANITIZER provided as you enter and as you leave. We will ensure you are given a service sheet when you are seated.

7. The offertory boxes will be available for use but we have to take precautions with handling money so IF YOU ARE ABLE TO MAKE GIVE YOUR OFFERING BY A STANDING ORDER OR A BANK TRANSFER THAT WILL BE VERY HELPFUL.

8. ON ENTERING THE CHAPEL THERE WILL BE SOMEONE TO DIRECT YOU TO A SEAT – not all the seats in the chapel can be used so some of the pews are taped off. Once you have entered your pew please note that these are again taped to show where to sit to enable appropriate social distancing.

9. THE BALCONY WILL BE OPEN FOR USE We are not expecting numbers which necessitate that we use the balcony. However, if you wish to do so there are two pews with cushions available which again have been marked off for social distancing. We will enable further use of the balcony if it is needed in the coming weeks.

10. During the service we have some hymns/songs played through the speaker system and may have shared or responsive readings. The words will be on the service sheet.

11. AT THE END OF THE SERVICE YOU WILL BE INSTRUCTED AS TO HOW TO LEAVE THE BUILDING and different sections of the church will leave in sequence as they are directed to do so. This is to achieve appropriate social distancing.

12. USE OF TOILETS If you wish to use the downstairs toilet before, during or after the service, please exit the building through the main doors – taking care to continue to observe social distancing - and enter again through the door of the prayer-room. There will be HAND SANITIZER provided in the toilets. The downstairs toilet will be open for those sitting downstairs and the upstairs one for those sitting upstairs and is accessed from the balcony. Please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT TOILET USE and on no account flush the toilets without the seat being down. On leaving the downstairs toilet, exit the building through the prayer-room door and if returning to the service enter the church again through the main doors.

13. We aim to keep the chapel as well-ventilated as we are able – so the door to the vestry and the door through to the prayer-room will be left open during the services.

14. WE WILL NOT BE HAVING REFRESHMENTS FOLLOWING THE SERVICE We will keep this under review. Government advice is that the premises should be vacated without undue delay. Do note that you are now able to arrange to visit friends and socialise with them either in your garden or house if you choose to do so.

15. While we cannot shorten the service too much without changing it beyond recognition. We plan that THE SERVICE WILL BE ABOUT AN HOUR IN DURATION.

To see the how the church has been adapted for maintaining safety whilst we worship please what the video at this link.

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